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F&O IT manages and tracks projects using conventional project management techniques. These techniques help us ensure the success of projects.

It is important to involve F&O IT very early in the planning stages of any project (large or small).

To initiate a project discussion simply submit a Service Request. Someone from F&O will get back to you to discuss the next steps.

Customer requests project via an IT Service Request (Select – “I need something” then “Other”).
Customer is contacted and asked to complete a brief project request form.
Project Request is reviewed by the F&O IT Leadership Team for acceptance, scheduling, further action.
F&O IT Project Champion identified and works with customer to facilitate resourcing and completion.

All customer requests should be entered via a Service Request. We will contact the customer to find out more about the needs and provide assistance in developing the scope, risks, resources, schedule, and budget.

In some cases, existing staff may be available to complete projects. Large or complex projects may require additional contracted staffing to support a timely completion.

After possible projects are scoped, they are reviewed by the F&O IT Leadership team for staffing, routing, scheduling, and funding. Requests approved as projects will be assigned a champion. The champion acts as the liaison between the customer and the IT staff to complete each project in a timely manner.

Project Portfolio

Current projects are tracked on the FOIT Project Tracker. This tool is available to members of the F&O IT Customer Advisory Committee and others by request.

Major Accomplishments

Support Business Continuity and Resiliency Planning

  • Incorporated COVID-19 content throughout F&O websites
  • Modified access control as the University changed schedules and calendars
  • Migrated legacy IIRM websites to align with new standards
  • Created REST APIs to replace old technologies and methodologies
  • Created a new tenant portal and available properties map for Real Estate Operations
  • Made significant progress in migrating users/groups/computers/GPOs to the new F&O OU
  • Developed and posted a Backup Assurance Plan for F&O systems
  • Implemented a mobile Point of Sale solution for dining halls and food truck locations
  • Implemented Pharos contactless printing for ITS Teaching and Learning and Carolina Managed Print Services
  • Managed Morpho Wave Biometric Contactless Access for One Card Office and Campus Recreation
  • Adjusted IT ordering, configuration, and delivery to accommodate to University COVID-19 safety standards
  • Coordinated the use of a mobile reader for Student Affairs to keep track of PPE distribution

Advance Operational Efficiency

  • One Card and CRV website reorganized and migrated
  • Re-tooled and increased prominence of Speak Up Carolina website
  • Completed significant updates to Collaboratory, Energy Management, Police, Ethics and Policy, Mail Services, and Trademarks and Licensing websites
  • Made significant contributions to the university’s increased attention to digital accessibility by reviewing 7,000+ PDFs that have been posted across our platforms to ensure they are compliant
  • Developed daily parking options with virtual enforcement options
  • Refined License Plate Recognition solutions to increase efficiency
  • Modified ANI/ALI intake layouts and triggers for new AT&T/Intrado VoIP service used in the Police Department
  • Developed and implemented new virtual parking permitting options due to COVID-19
  • Refined the use of Lansweeper – a tool for IT inventory asset management and proactive planning
  • Evaluated and implemented Microsoft Bookings in the project to replace iPhones
  • Implemented a weekly Change Management process
  • Coordinated a pilot of the new AT&T telephone and softphone solution in the SCE
  • Replaced 224 vending readers with Pepsi provided readers supporting credit card and One Card
  • Converted ECSI application for University Cashier from desktop to cloud moving ongoing support from on premise to software as a service
  • Upgraded Windstar on Payroll computers
  • Replaced all older, iPhone 6 phones in Finance & Operations
  • Improved our process for imaging computers, Microsoft Deployment Tool, and did cross training to ensure business continuity
  • Worked with MDS to trim down the list of applications displayed in software center to provide a much better user experience
  • Setup a Zoom sub account to allow large virtual group meetings for Finance & Operations
  • Setup and configured a SQL database for Life Safety access and Key shops as part of the new setup process and for installing Compass

Maintain Security Management Best Practices

  • Launched an information technology security awareness pilot in the SCE
  • Increased the use of Whole Disc Encryption (Bitlocker) across F&O by 5%
  • Eliminated the use of Proxy in numerous F&O departments
  • Ensured DUO 2-Factor Authentication configuration on F&O servers where possible
  • Implemented an online Parking Permit Registration solution
  • Updated the new AIM client on the Facilities mobile devices
  • Created new service catalog and workflow process in ServiceNow for F&O and SCE
  • Implemented ServiceNow to replace all existing Remedy processes
  • Upgraded DUO for Maximo in Energy Services to include off-site access
  • Supported the technology aspects of moving Grounds personnel to offices at North campus
  • Coordinated design and installation of 7 new digital signage locations in Police, Transportation, and Pay Operations & Maintenance
  • Implemented new technology in the Chase Dining Addition and Renovation to include new and relocated digital signage
  • Replaced Permit Management System in Transportation and Parking
  • Coordinated with xAssets staff for migration of customizations to new browser neutral version
  • Deployed Canary network honey pot and monitoring devices to collect information and identify security issues
  • Coordinated and produced Security Awareness content for FO newsletter and SCE bi-weekly messages
  • Migrated FacHome to a more reliable and stable platform
  • Migrated FacDraw to a more reliable and stable platform
  • Performed a Win7 Risk Remediation Initiative to upgrade/replace outdated systems
  • Removed hosted services on Transportation & Parking/Police webserver and decommissioned server
  • Implemented a new version of Micros (9.1) of Oracle Financials replaced the current version
  • Implemented plan to upgrade over 400 Windows 7 F&O workstations
  • Implemented MFA 2-step verification and coordinated training for 2,000+ customers
  • Developed first version of F&O procedures for change management, access control, IT vendor management, and disaster recovery
  • Coordinated security review and assisted with the implementation of Tar Heel Mission Ready
  • Deployed Remote Desktop Management to all F&O workstations
  • Developed a Mobile Point of Sale Solution for Dining Services
  • Improved WiFi in Student Stores
  • Developed ruggedized mobile readers for Dining and Athletics
  • Replaced 32 first generation digital signage locations (food service menu displays and other information centers) with new digital displays
  • Implemented Onyen- and PID-based authentication and transactions through Pharos and CS Gold
  • Replaced 58 Micros WS5a Point of Sale registers with new generation 620 and implement PIN Debit acceptance
  • Upgraded Geographic Information System software for
  • Upgraded Space Planning and Occupancy Tracking System to new virtual servers
  • Implemented Veeam backups for all virtual systems
  • Reorganized System Center Configuration Manager
  • Improved inventory system and procurement process
  • Implemented Airwatch – new mobile device management solution.
  • Supported cross training to increase depth of knowledge in supporting specific customer areas
  • Coordinated the 911 Center Renovation
  • Implemented Parkmobile to reserve and pay for football and baseball parking
  • Developed a plan for night parking in the parking management system
  • Supported F&O departmental/staffing moves – facilities upgrades, furniture specifications, training lab development, and after-move support for technology integration in new or renovated spaces
  • Supported the Office 365 transition in numerous units
  • Tracked and remediated security vulnerabilities to new levels of success
  • Implemented a standardized computer/accessory ordering process
  • Streamlined the online Service Request process to align with ITIL best practices
  • Continued to migrate servers to UCS and decommission obsolete servers
  • Refined IT inventory discovery tool and partnered with ITS
  • Re-engineered Employee Transportation Registration System
  • Upgraded all Police body worm cameras, docking, and charging stations.
  • Expanded License Plate Registration capabilities
  • Revamped the F&O SCCM structure to align with new department codes
  • Integrated Structureware and Niagara logins with Active Directory
  • Implemented Veeam backups for Hyper-V guests
  • Updated the Verizon billing web tool and payment process
  • Established a documentation knowledgebase
  • Implemented dual lane credit card solution in Lenoir Hall.
  • Upgraded Parking and Control Mobile Communication Devices
  • Completed audit of all credit card terminals for PCI compliance
  • Relocated Housekeeping staff and technology back to Cheek-Clark
  • Retired finance server “Augusta” and moved division to SECNAS
  • Planned and implemented technology and staff moves into the Service Center for Excellence
  • Planned and implemented the F&O Office 365 migration
  • Decommissioned 14 servers
  • Moved all but 16 servers to ITS UCS
  • Supported the Barnes & Noble transition
  • Implemented online parking permitting
  • Replaced digital signage players on campus
  • Upgraded and installed new vending OneCard readers
  • Completed “Phase I” (campuswide OneCard reader labeling) of the CS Gold/OneCard mobile app project
  • Supported the Xerox MFD contract and deployment
  • Upgraded Pharos and mobile print
  • Launched an inventory tool (xAssets)
  • Filled positions with high quality individuals