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South Building. Lindsay Farling Named Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget and Data Analysis

July 22, 2024

Lindsay Farling has accepted the permanent role of associate vice chancellor for Budget and Data Analysis, effective immediately.

Categories: Finance and Budget News

Yellow flowers in front of dorms. Carolina Housing Departmental Move to Finance and Operations

July 18, 2024

UNC-Chapel Hill’s on-campus housing provider, Carolina Housing, has moved from Student Affairs to Finance and Operations.

Categories: Real Estate Operations News

Melinda Bakken Faces of F&O: Melinda Bakken

June 27, 2024

As director of Campus Card Services and Person ID, Melinda Bakken works with students, employees and units across campus to support their campus card needs.

Categories: Auxiliary Services News

Tony Millette Working for a Higher Purpose: Tony Millette is Energized in His New Role

June 27, 2024

Joseph A. "Tony" Millette, who became executive director of UNC Energy Services on April 1, shares about his management style, why he likes working in higher ed, and his passion for ice hockey.

Categories: Energy Services News

GoTriangle bus with a bike attached to the front dropping a student off in front of a brick building dropping a student off Free GoPass for UNC-Chapel Hill Riders

June 25, 2024

Beginning July 1, all University faculty, staff and students will be eligible for a free GoPass for GoTriangle bus routes.

Categories: Transportation and Parking News