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The Suppliers and Independent Contractors process facilitates the creation of new suppliers and updates to existing suppliers in Connect Carolina. This applies to both foreign and domestic suppliers, as well as Independent Contractors. If you have a need to add a supplier, update a supplier, or add an independent contractor, please provide vendor contact information. Once your service request has been submitted, Service Center Staff will contact the vendor for the required forms.


Additional Domestic Supplier Forms

Outside Party Individual

Outside Party Individual (OPI) Certification

Independent Contractors/Individuals*

* Because photography and video-related materials are considered sensitive information, when hiring a freelance photographer or videographer, departments must hire them as an independent contractor and implement the necessary background checks.

** Prior to making a commitment to an individual to be paid as an Independent Contractor, the department must complete a background check for an assignment lasting in excess of ten (10) calendar days, involving a continuous relationship and/or involving access to sensitive populations or sensitive facilities/data. Sensitive populations are defined to be individuals less than 18 years of age, patients receiving care in any clinical setting, or other individuals deemed to require enhanced supervision or protection based on University practice or State or Federal law. Sensitive facilities are University facilities that require special clearance or background checks for access as well as confidential or protected records.

The following circumstances waive the requirement for a background check:

  • If the assignment is ten (10) or less calendar days without any continuous relationship and involves supervised access to sensitive populations or sensitive facilities. This includes contractors who are invited to deliver a presentation at the University.
  • If the contractor will perform the assignment in his/her own facilities, has no access to confidential or protected records or data, and has no direct contact with sensitive populations.


General Questions