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The average time required to process a request. Service requests with missing or inaccurate information will result in a processing delay. Measurement against the stated service level expectations will be based on the day that all complete or accurate information was provided.

Affiliate Requests

  • Background check: five to ten business days
  • PID Creation: two business days
  • Business Systems Access: three business days, after Onyen is created and as of the affiliate’s effective start or renewal date

Position Classification

  • Create new or Update: average of five business days or less for routine requests; average of 30 days for complex analyses.
  • Abolish: average of three business days or less

Salary Administration

Salary Adjustment (“Rainbow”) Form must be reviewed according to University process, which may include department head, Vice Chancellor of Finance and Operations, Vice Chancellor for Workforce Equity, Strategy, and Engagement, and, where applicable, University Board of Trustees and Board of Governors.

Employee Recruitment and Onboarding

Employee Recruitment

  • Posting of position once all information is received: 1-2 business days
  • Background check: TBD
  • Extend an offer: TBD

Employee Onboarding

  • Temporary Employees
    • Section One of Form I-9: on or before first day of work; Section Two within three business days
    • Employee Self-Service Access: within first five business days of employment
  • Permanent Employees (processed by OHR)
    • Section One of Form I-9: on or before first day of work; Section Two (unexpired identity and work authorization documents) by 3:30 p.m. of the third business day
    • Employee Self-Service Access: Escalation to Business Systems Help Desk if not obtained within first five business days of employment.

Employee Separation and Exits

  • Within 24 hours of emergency removal of system access
  • Within 24 hours of completion and approval of final timecard

Benefits and Leave Administration

  • SCE response to initial inquiry within 24 hours of receipt of request
  • Complete response time will vary by complexity of request and involvement of OHR benefits and leave support.

Employee and Management Relations

  • Performance Appraisal Documents: Completion of annual documents within prescribed OHR deadlines.
  • Employee Competency Assessments: Completed within 90 days of hire or transfer. Also must be completed to accompany appropriate salary adjustment justifications.
  • Disciplinary documents: HR SCE will respond to initial request for assistance within 24 hours.