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The Service Center of Excellence Purchasing Requests service streamlines the process of purchasing big-ticket goods and services for Finance and Operations departments. See below for details on which purchases should be processed by departments and which are processed by the Service Center of Excellence.

Purchases Less Than $5,000 or from BuyCarolina/Contracted Vendor

The following purchase types do not require review by Central Purchasing and can be completed by departments. For help, go to Purchasing: How to Buy and select the appropriate tab from the choices listed below.

  • Purchases Up to $25,000: First Check BuyCarolina
  • Purchases $5,000 or Less, Not in BuyCarolina
  • Other Existing Contracts and UNC-Chapel Hill Internal Suppliers
Note for Facilities Shops: SCE purchasing is available to process ALL shop purchases, including those of $5,000 or less. Facilities shops should follow the guidance below to submit a service request or follow shop procedures for alternate request processes.

Purchases Greater Than $5,000 (non-contract)

Purchases greater than $5,000 for items or services that are not available from BuyCarolina or other contracted vendors require a purchase order and must be reviewed and sourced by Central Purchasing.

Create and Submit Your Purchase Request

Follow the guidelines below for collecting your required purchase details and attachments, then submit your service request to the SCE using the green button at the top of this screen.

  1. Complete an SCE Purchase Request Form. Be sure to include the vendor’s name and address if known.
  2. All purchase requisitions require detailed information to ensure we purchase exactly what is needed.  Many purchases require more detail than what is covered on the SCE Purchase Request Form. Review the information below to ensure that you include all of the necessary attachments.
    • Full Purchase Requisition Attachments Checklist.
    • Most frequent attachments:
      • Statement of Work: if specific items were not listed on the request form.
      • Vendor quotes: if the vendor is using contract pricing have the vendor include the contract number on the quote (e.g., NC State contract, Sourcewell or Omnia).
      • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs): if required.
      • Waiver of competition: if applicable.
      • Data Protection Checklist: contact F&O IT if you need help determining whether this is required.
      • Business Associate Agreement (BAA): After submitting your requisition, central purchasing will inform you if this form is needed.

Purchase Request Processing

The Service Center of Excellence will review your materials, provide guidance as needed, verify the funding and process the ConnectCarolina Purchase Requisition.

To check PO status see: Running a Purchase Order Inquiry

Purchase Invoices

After your purchase is complete, go to the SCE Finance Pay Invoice page for details and a link to process your purchase invoice(s).

SCE Purchasing Details

General Questions

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