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The Purchasing Requests service streamlines the process of submitting, verifying, and processing requests to purchase goods and services. The Service Center of Excellence will process requests for the purchase of goods and services over $5,000.00 for all Finance and Operations departments as well as ePro orders for Facilities Services.

Before submitting your request, refer to the UNC Departmental Transaction Checklist to ensure your request follows the process for purchasing goods and services. The University has separate requirements for purchasing goods and services over $5,000.00 and under $5,000.00.


  • Scanned vendor/budgetary quote
  • Completed Purchase Request Form
  • Name of recommended vendor, if applicable
  • Applicable chartfield string (department, fund/source, project number, etc.)
    • Facilities: Provide AiM shop work order and phase information
    • Capital: Provide capital improvement project (CIP) number
  • If purchase is sole-sourced, also include Waiver of Competition and Sole Source Justification memo


General Questions

Video Overview – Requesting Service