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Development Process

Action Timeframe
Customer initiates CISDE process Start
CISDE team meets with Customer 2-5 business days
Customer reviews CISDE prototype 2-10 business days
CISDE team creates first manual draft 3-10 pages per business day
Customer reviews first draft 2-20 business days
CISDE team provides second manual draft 3-10 business days
Customer and others provide final review 2-20 business days
Draft revisions continue until Customer approves Ongoing
Customer posts final draft in desired location Finish


  • Process to produce manual can take 16-100 business days.
  • Contact CISDE if issues arise or modifications are needed.
Customer should provide CISDE with the following details within 48 hours of request:

  • Content to be included
  • Targeted audience
  • Who the subject matter experts are
  • Who CISDE should contact if there are questions
  • Names of all who will need to review before finalizing
  • Formatting requirements (color scheme, logos, etc.)
  • Where the document will live
Things that can slow the process:

  • Delays in providing CISDE team with content or changes in the application and/or resources
  • Changes that occur to the process/content during development
  • Delays in the review cycles
  • A request involving a large amount of content
  • A request involving extremely complex content
  • Business application errors

Training Manual Development Process