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Do wait times frustrate your customers?
Do convoluted processes slow you down?
Do you shake your head and say, “There’s got to be a better way!”

Lean can help.

Every day, frontline employees see problems and opportunities that managers do not. The Lean methodology provides a framework for employees to work together as a team to define the problem, identify the root cause, and implement a data-driven solution that reduces waste and increases customer satisfaction.

A lean organization understands the customer value stream and focuses on improving processes to deliver greater value. Making a process lean involves questioning every step and procedure involved, then eliminating those that do not add value.

Submit a Service Request to schedule a Lean demonstration for your team.

  • Introduction to Lean.
  • How to use the Lean methodology to improve business processes.
  • Use the Lean Corner to get more out of your team meetings.
  • Submit a Service Request to schedule a discussion.
  • Our Lean-certified facilitators will contact you to discuss how Lean can help.
  • If your process improvement needs are a good fit for Lean, our facilitators will provide guidance and resources to help you:
    • Identify an effective project team.
    • Launch your improvement project.
    • Address stumbling blocks throughout the process.
    • Measure and sustain success.
Our Lean Corner is currently packed up in boxes, but will be recreated when we get situated in our new offices at the Administrative Office Building.

The Lean Corner will be a convenient, comfortable work space designed to encourage collaboration and innovation.

  • Teams will be able to use the available process improvement tools and templates to help inspire and guide conversations.
  • Once restored, teams will be able to reserve the Lean Corner simply by including the space in a meeting invitation.
Lean Corner