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We provide photography, script-writing and post-production services for a variety of Finance and Operations projects. Our work ranges from event photography to a tutorial on how to use a new parking meter. We can create PowerPoint and other visual presentations, including display screen graphics. We also serve as a liaison to campus design, video and photography resources, as well as to freelancers for projects we need to outsource.

Timelines for Production

The following timelines are approximate and will be adjusted according to the scope of the project. Turnaround time is dependent on how much research and development is required, how final material is when it is submitted to the office, and the intensity of the current communications production schedule.

PowerPoint Development

Typically a PowerPoint presentation can be turned around in one to two weeks – depending on the length and complexity of the presentation. If content needs to be developed, we ask that two to three weeks be allowed.

Photography Post-Production

Photo post-production typically happens within two to three days but could take longer depending on needs and volume of project and other work in the photo production queue. On special request, photos can be turned around within a day, particularly if the subject matter is straightforward and there are no special post-production needs.

Display Screen Content

Allow two to three days for completion.

Project Specifications

We need a Word document with the basic information you are trying to share. Please specify any particular design needs or requests you may have.

General Questions