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The Finance and Operations Shared Files website provides members of the Division of Finance and Operations the ability to view and manage documents to be shared with other members of the Division.

Features and Specifications

  • Files may ONLY be shared with other members of the Division of Finance and Operations.
  • Two-factor authentication (Onyen + Duo) is required.
  • Files to be shared must reside on the B: drive.
  • Multiple types of files may be shared – PDF, Word, Excel and more.
  • A QR code is available for download for each shared file.
  • Shared files:
    • Have a customized URL based on an individual’s choice.
    • Are assigned a subject.
    • Are tagged with one or more tags.
    • Are shared with customized security groups based on a combination of HR department numbers and/or individuals.

Using this Site

  • The site homepage contains all the files to which you have been granted access.
  • The “My Files” page contains all the files that you have uploaded.
    • Additional files may be uploaded on this page.
    • Statistics for individual file access via Google Analytics may be viewed.
  • The “Administration” section allows site administrators to manage all aspects of the site.
Additional questions, including any requests to add additional file types or security groups, should be directed to