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Continuous Improvement, Staff Development and Engagement
Name Title Phone
Alston, Cortney Learning, Staff Development and Engagement Manager 919-962-9664
Brown, Collette Executive Director 919-962-9652
Filley, Joanne Continuous Improvement and Organizational Development Manager 919-962-9653
Ham, Joshua Engagement and Development Coordinator 919-962-9651
Johnson, Layna Apprenticeship and Professional Training Program Coordinator 919-962-7210
Krier, Michael Finance Training Specialist 919-962-9658
Marzbanian, Mary Executive Assistant, Engagement and Operations 919-962-9648
Merrick, Kelly Instructional Designer 919-962-9664
Zietlow, Anne Organizational Development Training Specialist 919-445-1766
Name Title Phone
Beeman, Matthew Financial Analyst 919-962-9746
Birdsong, Jeffrey Lyman Capital Project Accounting 919-962-9747
Brown, Susan Accountant – Supervisor 919-962-9760
Burroughs, Laurie Anne Business Manager 919-962-9702
Clay, Kendra Accounting Technician 919-962-9719
Davis, Lisa Lead Accounting Technician 919-962-9742
Epperson, JoAnn Purchasing Specialist 919-843-5326
Frei, Lynda Accounting-Operations Analytics
Hamm, Donald Accounting Technician 919-962-9733
Hierman, Lisa S. Accounting Technician 919-962-9722
Hooker, Tiana Accounts Receivable Supervisor 919-445-1762
Hunt, David Accounting Technician
Kiziah, Shari Accountant 919-962-9712
Krier, Paige Financial Analyst
Law, Bernard Director – Purchasing 919-962-4165
Litzinger, John Purchasing Admin Support Specialist 919-962-9213
Morris, Paula W. Accountant 919-962-9714
Noble, Gale S. Lead Accountant 919-962-9716
Nolen, Rosa FSA Coordinator 919-962-9701
Perin, Carly Interim Service Center of Excellence Executive Director 919-962-9649
Peterson, JC Accounting Technician 919-962-9723
Petrasso, Dominic Accounting Technician 919-962-9718
Quinlan, Kevin A. Accountant (Financial Reporting and Budget) 919-962-9756
Ray, Joyce Capital Projects Administrator 919-962-9749
Roenigk, Bing Manager – Capital Budget and Accounting 919-962-9707
Sartin, Althea Administrative Support Specialist 919-962-1158
Sebik, Nicole Financial Data Analytics and System Support Analyst 919-962-9704
Stasiak, Brigitte Accountant (Financial Reporting and Budget) 919-962-9728
Terry, Alex Capital Projects Accountant 919-962-9748
Thacker, Holly Administrative Purchasing Specialist 919-962-9213
Whitaker, Amanda Accounting Technician 919-962-9743
Williamson, Brisa Accounting Technician 919-962-9739
Womble, Sherlene M. Accounting Technician 919-962-9738
Human Resources
Name Title Phone
Agnew, Tracy HR Manager 919-962-9657
Batchelor, Trish HR Consultant 919-962-9655
Bradshaw, Nealy HR Specialist 919-962-1515
Daley, Lisa HR Consultant 919-962-9660
Delaney, Jasmin HR Specialist 919-962-9673
Jarosz, Libby HR Specialist 919-962-9671
Jenkins, Sydney Admin Support Specialist 919-962-9698
King, Monta HR Specialist 919-962-9659
Posey, Doni HR Specialist 919-962-9656
Scharver, Stephen HR Specialist 919-962-9699
Stockard, Bill Executive Director 919-962-9654
Stringer, Rachel HR Specialist 919-843-1655
Traver, Rachel HR Specialist 919-962-9661
Williamson, Devin HR Coordinator 919-962-9669
Information Technology
Name Title Phone
Balfour, James Technology Support Specialist 919-962-9628
Barker, Dan Systems Programmer/Analyst 919-962-9608
Cox, Troy Technology Support Specialist 919-962-9647
Crossett, Barry Technology Support Specialist 919-962-9646
Applications Analyst
Dobs, Pete Technology Support Analyst 919-962-9645
Forrest, Alan Systems Programmer/Specialist 919-962-9613
Gibson, Andrew Technology Support Analyst 919-962-9641
Holland, Kirk Technology Support Technician 919-962-7702
Hyatt, Craig IT Manager 919-962-9624
Jeffrey, Brian Business Technology Applications Analyst 919-962-9626
Lashley, Brian Technology Support Specialist 919-962-9644
Leonard, Braden Technology Support Analyst 919-962-9639
Lopera, Jorge IT Manager 919-445-0418
Lunn, Will Technology Support Technician 919-962-9618
Lupton, David Systems Programmer/Analyst 919-962-9613
McDonald, Quinton Technology Support Analyst 919-962-9619
Nguyen, Danny IT Manager 919-962-5073
Powell, Mary Technology Support Specialist 919-962-5312
Reitz, Ray Executive Director 919-962-9607
Tarantino, Frank Business Technology Application Analyst 919-962-9636
Waters, David Technology Support Analyst 919-962-9634
Wooton, Marcus IT Manager 919-962-9614
Communications and Marketing
Name Title Primary Support Area Phone
Reid, Allison Executive Director 919-962-6288
Berrier, Stephanie Director Facilities Services and Real Estate Operations 919-962-9724
Brown, RJ Web Designer/Developer Digital Solutions 919-962-9731
Katella, Chris Communications Manager Finance and Operations
McKay, Kyle Graphic Design Manager Creative 919-962-9726
Riddle, Laura Communications Manager Campus Safety 919-445-1765
Wilhelm, Gary Digital Solutions Manager Digital Solutions 919-962-9732