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The Finance and Administration Service Center of Excellence launched Oct. 3 with a shift in reporting of staff to their new supervisors. Today, Nov. 7, marks the day our SCE staff report to their new working location at 400 Roberson St. in Carrboro.

Over the next few months we will be creating and developing in each service delivery area a team of highly skilled professionals who are extremely knowledgeable about our departments as well as their area of expertise, and who will work as a team to deliver exceptional services that add significant value to our operations.

In the near term, continue to work as you always have: even though staff members are located in a different place, you may reach them at the same phone numbers and email addresses or via campus mail (delivered twice a day at our new location). Contact lists by area and campus box numbers are available on our website. In some cases, where necessary, staff members are establishing office hours on campus, which will be communicated to departments separately. Please be patient with us as we work to best serve division needs in our new capacity and from our new location, but also don’t hesitate to give feedback on how we can better manage our service.

We have also established a new approach to problem escalation and response with our SCE Service Response Team, which provides a single phone number for services when you don’t know who else to call! The Service Response Team will:

  • Perform as primary interface for customer escalations
  • Prioritize and facilitate escalations within the SCE
  • Ensure customer is heard throughout process
  • Set reasonable service expectations
  • Resolve through effective communication
  • Analyze and monitor customer problem reports to spot trends
  • Provide regular status updates for all escalated Service Requests

Upcoming Events/Service Improvements

Ultimately this process will change the way we connect with the rest of the division, how services are provided, and how we respond to problems or concerns. Here is a brief summary of some of the changes you will see over the coming months:

Informal Group Sessions

Some of our team leaders have already been reaching out to directors and their staff to introduce the teams and talk about upcoming changes. These sessions vary widely, covering topics like:

  • What are your hours of operation?
  • Who do I contact for service?
  • What if I have a problem?
  • What services will you be providing?
  • Changing business processes.

If you are interested in one of the sessions for your team, reach out directly to any one of the area executive directors — Carly Perin, Allison Reid, Ray Reitz and Bill Stockard.

Customer Orientation Sessions

In the new year we will host sessions to help explain how to request services.

Quick Reference Card

We are developing a “Quick Reference Card,” covering things like:

  • How to request service
  • Chart-field strings
  • Primary Contacts
  • Escalation process
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