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Meet Me Monday with Rachel Hayes

October 4, 2019

Meet Rachel Hayes, a Human Resources Specialist who splits her time between the SCE and the Public Safety Building. Learn more about the special people and pets in this Pennsylvania native’s life. 

Old Growth, New Life

September 24, 2019

While natural landmarks like Davie Poplar and Walter’s Pine were here long before the University was, they’ve become a prominent part of its history. But what happens if they die? A team at Carolina has an innovative solution for preserving their stories.

Short Time, Long List of Priorities for New Police Chief

September 18, 2019

David Perry has led Carolina’s police force just a short time, but he has a long list of positive things he wants to do. Chief Perry talks about his approach, and he unveils how he will literally roll through campus.

Meet Me Monday with Joshua Ham

September 12, 2019

Josh Ham is a Training Generalist in the Continuous Improvement, Staff Development and Engagement Team. He joined the SCE family in May 2019. Learn why this former middle school teacher and World’s Best Grandson never pursued a career as a concert pianist.

David L. Perry Named Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief of UNC Police

August 20, 2019

David Perry joins Carolina from Florida State University and brings a distinguished 25-year career in law enforcement and campus safety. He has embraced community policing and has demonstrated success in building relationships between campus police and the community.

Protect Your ONYEN, Protect Your Benefits

July 10, 2019

Choosing a strong ONYEN password (now only once a year) and keeping it safe from prying eyes is the best way to protect all of the valuable resources available to you with a account.

Carolina People: Paul Hoecke

June 19, 2019

“…we regularly visit departments to pick up materials or deliver sample proofs before going to full production. And over the years it feels like we’ve visited every office on campus. That’s probably as fun a part of the job as anything.”