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When you lose your phone, do you lose your contacts? When you replace your phone, do you lose your apps? When you upgrade your phone do your malicious apps come along to the new phone? There are many tools that allow you to sync your phone contacts and apps to the cloud. So, which ones are safe?

Data backup options and cloud sync options provided by the operating system on your phone are likely the safest options. Well known apps and larger publicly traded companies will be more heavily scrutinized and thus will work harder to protect consumer data in responsible ways.

Android users have myriad options through their Google OS like PhotoSync or ContactSync. The GooglePlay store will save information on all the apps you’ve downloaded if you are syncing with your regular Google account. iPhone users likewise can use Apple iOS’s default contacts and phone tools to back up their personal information and Apple’s App Store will save app information for you.

Syncing copies of your files to the cloud will protect you from many viruses and infections. Tools like Microsoft’s OneDrive or GoogleDrive are great options to save files that may live only on your phone.

But beware, contact tools and apps that come as the default from service providers on Android phones, are often designed to keep you with that brand of device and may be less strict in protecting your personal information. Also, third party app stores are often using their contact tools, extensions, and apps to monetize you or your information in less than obvious ways, sometimes in ways that you would not like if given the details.

For more information on syncing and backing up your phone’s information, contact F&O IT Security and we’ll be happy to discuss your exposures and options with you.

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