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Produce Box logoQ. How do I become enrolled with The Produce Box at UNC?
A. You can sign up immediately at The Produce Box website – just follow the sign-up instructions. Make sure you use the University’s promo code – UNCCH, which is good until July 31 and waives the annual enrollment fee. If you are choosing to have your purchased delivered to the SCE, put in your zip code as 27599 and when selecting “To my home or business,” on the scroll-down menu select “UNC-CH/VCFA HR Shared Services – Room 13A” which will deliver it here.

Q. How much is the annual membership fee?
A. The annual membership fee is $20 for a 12-month membership. If employees sign up in July, this will be waived for the first 12 months. Members have a credit card on file in their account. They are only charged when they place an order. There is no weekly “fee” or minimum number of orders required. If a member skips a week, there is no charge. An order is placed in one of two ways: the member logs in sometime between Friday at noon and Sunday at 9 p.m. and places their order; if a member does not skip the week and does not log in to change their default weekly box by 9 p.m. Sunday, he/she will automatically receive their default weekly box (this is selected during the signup process and can be changed at any time).

Q. When signing up for The Produce Box, do participants make a payment per weekly delivery?
A. The payment is automatically withdrawn from the account they provide online, unless they skip the week. Members can skip weeks up to a year in advance to best accommodate their schedule.

Q. How is the money collected for participation and who receives it, and how do we obtain receipts for our purchase?
A. This is an online membership, so payment information and order history will be online. The member’s credit card is charged on Monday morning and a receipt is sent via email. Each member also has an online payment history on his/her account. It is very like any other online shopping you do.

Q. When will the box be delivered?
A. SCE deliveries are set for Wednesdays and will be placed in the Blue Conference Room for pickup. An email will be sent out to notify participants that the items are here.

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