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An Activity Assessment Survey for staff was launched Oct. 26 as part of the process through which the Division of Finance and Administration is reorganizing administrative support into a new model of service delivery — the Service Center of Excellence (SCE). The survey, which will be taken by nearly 200 staff members in the Division of Finance and Administration over the course of several weeks, will help the SCE planning team understand how staff members are allocating their day-to-day activities in support of finance, human resources (HR), information technology (IT) and communications efforts within the division.

Only those individuals in division-focused business support roles of finance, HR, IT and communications will be asked to take the survey. Those staff members supporting university-wide business functions, e.g. accountants in Accounting Services, are outside the scope of the survey.

The survey takes approximately two hours and is being conducted in small groups. Staff from the SCE planning team and consultants from the consulting firm that is assisting with this project, Huron Education, will be available to answer questions and assist as needed.

“The results will help us determine which services move over to the SCE and which services stay behind at the department level,” says Meredith Weiss, senior associate vice chancellor for finance and administration. “We understand how busy everyone is and appreciate staff taking the time to support this effort and help us design the Service Center of Excellence.”

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