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Members of the Service Center of Excellence (SCE) Advisory Committee held their second meeting Oct. 19. The Committee was organized to help shape priorities and ensure that the SCE implementation is responsive to the needs of both the departments and to the employees in Finance and Administration.

Meredith Weiss, senior associate vice chancellor for finance and administration, launched the meeting with a review of the project timeline, illustrating progress to date and milestones. She explained that one forthcoming milestone for the project is an activity assessment survey, which select staff will take in groups.

“The results of the activity assessment will help SCE staff understand how staff members are allocating their day-to-day activities in support of finance, human resources, information technology and communications efforts within our division,” Weiss said. “The results will also help us determine which services move over to the SCE and which services stay behind at the department level.”

Weiss informed the group that a second survey will be distributed online to all Finance and Administration Division staff to measure satisfaction of staff regarding the services they receive from the areas of finance, human resources, information technology and communications.

At the first advisory committee meeting in September, members requested talking points regarding the transition to the SCE, so that they might have answers to questions they are hearing about the process from colleagues in their departments. A draft of SCE Talking Points was distributed at the second meeting for committee members to review and approve. Members were asked to remind their colleagues that answers to Frequently Asked Questions are also posted on the SCE website.

Weiss announced that there are two informational events coming up: a town hall-style meeting open to all staff Dec. 7, 2015; and an informal drop-in “Coffee Talk” meeting Feb. 11, 2016.

“These events, plus our advisory committee meetings and other means of communication, are our way of being as transparent as possible about the transition to the SCE and to share as much information as we have as the project proceeds,” Weiss told the group. “To that end, we appreciate you sharing your notes from these meetings with staff in your departments, and please let us know if you hear of questions or concerns we can address along the way.”

The next SCE advisory committee meeting will be held Nov. 19, 2015. Read meeting minutes.

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