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Finance and Operations IT recently installed a set of drop-off/pick-up lockers in the corner of AOB 3400 – the staff commons area. These lockers create a convenient location for staff to drop off laptops or other technology equipment needing repair. They can also be used to pick up a repaired laptop or other piece of equipment you’ve requested from F&O IT. Instructions for how to use this locker are provided in an email after you’ve contacted F&O IT.

In addition to facilitating the distribution of technology items, these lockers can also be used to securely transfer other physical items from one person to another when schedules don’t permit a face-to-face hand-off.

Other use cases may include:

  • Transferring a document requiring a wet signature
  • Picking up or dropping off a folder, form, or package
  • Transferring a key, parking permit, or other physical item

For information on using these lockers, please contact F&O IT Support.

FOIT Lockers at AOB 3400
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