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Mary Crabtree

What is your favorite part of your job?

Each day, I have the opportunity to learn something new, due to the unique happenings in the University environment. Knowing I can make a difference in terms of safety makes the work meaningful to me.

As part of your job, you make sure all employees are trained in workplace safety. Are there any “aha” moments regarding campus safety that you’ve encountered while implementing these trainings?

Environment, Health and Safety professionals are trained to recognize and incorporate different adult learning styles into their training programs. But how do we get individuals to buy it? Understanding, ‘How to sell safety’ was the ‘aha’ moment for me. Whoever your audience is, seek to understand what is of value to them, then illustrate how safety can complement their endeavor.

How many employees are part of Workplace Safety?

Workplace Safety is one section within the department of Environment, Health and Safety and has a total of 10 employees. The roles and responsibilities of those 10 employees varies.  We consult with our clients on safety practices in their areas, conduct inspections, educate employees, help file workers’ compensations, manage databases, handle emergency responses and oversee occupational health at the University Employee Occupational Health Clinic.

Can you tell us about a few key products available through Environment, Health and Safety for campus users?

EHS has several online applications which not only assist the University in maintaining compliance, but prove resourceful to individuals or groups needing to illustrate that they have a safety program. The EHS Compliance Portal tracks individual training and medical surveillance status and sends a notification when something is due. The Laboratory Safety Plan and the Hazard Management Plan assist principle investigators and supervisors in identifying hazards (biological/chemical/radioactive or equipment) in their areas as well as their individual training needs and assessment of personal protective equipment. This is just a highlight of few of EHS online applications.

Finally, is there something about you personally that most folks don’t know, from your past, or from current hobbies?

Most people think I started working out to keep in shape and improve my health (which is, of course, a bonus!). But in reality, I have been training to improve my endurance levels and physical abilities in hopes to enter one of those Tough Mudders charity events. From the camaraderie to the obstacles, it’s a great example of teamwork that I would like to experience.

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