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The Finance and Administration Finance Service Center of Excellence (SCE) implementation is moving forward with staffing a few key positions.

Most of the service center positions will be filled by shifting employees from their current department to the service center. However, two new positions will be advertised on the UNC Human Resources website this week:

Finance and Administration Director, Financial Reporting, Budgets, and Analysis

This new position reports to the Executive Director for Finance and Finance Service Delivery for the Finance and Administration (F&A) Division and will lead the financial reporting, budgeting, and financial analytics for the Finance and Administration Division, which includes budgeting and reporting for $338M of a variety of fund types including state appropriations, F&A or overhead receipts, institutional trust funds, grants, discretionary funds, foundations, endowments, cost-recovery or recharge operations, and some contracts and grants.  The new Director with work with the leadership team to implement the Finance SCE with the following values:  service excellence, innovation and continuous improvement, teamwork, healthy high-performance culture, and prudent financial management and leadership.

This position is responsible to develop funding plans, budgets, policies, processes and financial models for the Division; oversee federal, state and institutional requirements pertaining to financial operations; serve as a financial strategist for Division leadership. Supervise the preparation and analysis of routine financial reports for all F&A departments.  This includes traditional financial reports – income statement, balance sheet, receivable aging – along with specialized financial reporting to support institutional surveys and other division-wide reporting requirements.  Develop processes to support accurate and timely reporting.  Ensure sound financial reporting principles are understood and followed.  Develop metrics for the Finance SCE and provide routine reporting to senior leadership. Support the implement of division-wide financial controls.  Analyze financial data and develop reports and dashboards in support of Division operations in order to improve decision making, strategic planning and compliance.

Design and manage efficient processes to support departmental budget journals.  Develop service standards and standardized processes to ensure timely entry and approval of budget journals.

Support the analysis and development of the Division’s many rates and fees – including, but not limited to the service and repair billing rates, capital improvement project management fee, utility rates, EHS billing rates, etc.  Support Associate Vice Chancellors and Department Heads in designing cost recovery rates for departmental billing, student charges and fees, and cost reallocation.  Rates must be designed and implemented within all applicable guidelines.  Support the SCE in the implementation of a chargeback model. Recruit, train, and develop reporting, budgeting and analytics staff members. Develop and implement a training plan to ensure all staff members have the skills and tools to provide excellent reporting services to include reliable and accurate reporting, meaningful information, and timely transaction processing.

Finance and Administration Financial Systems Access and Support Analyst

This new position will serve as the lead Financial Systems Analyst to support the SCE services related to key Finance and Administration systems access and security to include new systems access, access modifications and revocations, and access audits.  This position will also establish, maintain, modify and audit ConnectCarolina workflows for the F&A division.  This position will also provide business process and analytical support and documentation for other F&A financial systems as needed. Other key responsibilities will include systems support and access maintenance for the Customer Billing Management (CBM) and Bill Presentation (BP) applications that enable campus business units to facilitate billing for services to other campus customers.  This position will be the primary liaison with the ITS Enterprise Application group and will work with this group to establish system improvement priorities and timelines.  This position will establish and document consistent business processes for all CBM billing units and will organize quarterly meetings with these groups to exchange best practices, communicate systems changes and improvement priorities.

Contact Carly Perin with any questions.

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