SCE work time transportation options are now available for reservation through Outlook.

Do you have a meeting scheduled on campus and need a vehicle or permit? Below is the list of “products” you can reserve. What you reserve will depend on:

  • where you are going
  • what is available
  • how long your appointment is
  • whether you will drive your own vehicle or will need a vehicle

If you choose to use a Nissan Leaf EV Electric Vehicle, please refer to this care and maintenance guide before using.

  • FA SCEPOOL – Vehicle V261383 – Nissan Leaf EV
  • FA SCEPOOL – Vehicle V261384 – Nissan Leaf EV
  • FA SCEPOOL – 2 HR Permit 01
  • FA SCEPOOL – 2 HR Permit 02
  • FA SCEPOOL – 2 HR Permit 03
  • FA SCEPOOL – 2 HR Permit 04
  • FA SCEPOOL – 2 HR Permit 05
  • FA SCEPOOL – 2 HR Permit 06
  1. Select CALENDAR
  2. Click on NEW MEETING and select NEW MEETING from drop down choices
  3. Double click on the TO field and type FA SCEPOOL in the search box to bring up the list of vehicles
  4. Double click on the vehicle you want to use and click the OK button
  5. Fill in the SUBJECT and LOCATION fields
  6. Choose the START and END TIMES
  7. Click on SCHEDULING ASSISTANT to see if vehicle is available
  8. Send the request if vehicle shows available
  9. Look for an acceptance or denial email for the send request but will first get a “pending approval” response like the sample below:
When charging the Nissan Leaf EV Electric Vehicles, please be careful to adequately protect pedestrians from tripping and falling.

  1. Always use the rug that is stored in each car.
  2. Pull the cord straight across the sidewalk. Do not let it coil.
  3. Place the rug over the straightened electric cord.
  4. Place the safety cone over the rug and cord.

Download and print a copy of the car charging safety tips.

Important Notes

  • KEYS AND PASSES are picked up and returned to our reservation coordinators (see below)
  • VEHICLES are parked along the backside of the building
  • REFUELING will be taken care of for you
  • REMOVE any personal belongings and trash when you return vehicle to Roberson Street
  • RETURN keys and passes to the reservation coordinators (see below)


Contact our Reservation Coordinators:

Mary Marzbanian (primary)