1. Open Outlook
  2. Select Your Calendar Function
  3. Click on “New Meeting” icon at the top
  4. A new window will appear. Double click the “TO” address button and it will pull up the Global UNC address list.
  5. In the search line, type in the Global Address of the room that you wish to reserve (there are spaces in between the hyphens on these addresses – see “Conference Room Listing” tab). It will auto-fill as you type. For those staff who need a space to plug in and work for a while at the Giles Horney Building, Suite 102 has two spaces available. To reserve a space in Suite 102, follow the same process as above, and search for “Suite 102 Hoteling Space”.
  6. Click the “Required” button and it will auto-fill into the Required space.
  7. Click “OK”
  8. Fill in the Subject line with the name of your meeting.
  9. Select the start and end times and the date. The suggested times on the bottom right will show you if the room is available. If it is and you wish to book it, simply click “Send”.
  10. If you want to book a room that is compatible with people’s schedules, click on the Scheduling Assistant icon at the top and it will open up a new menu. At the bottom, click on “Add Attendees” and you can individually add members of your meeting.
  11. If you find the meeting room is booked for the time you wish to meet, you click on “Add Rooms” at the bottom of the scheduling assistant and try for another room.
  12. Once you have a room compatible with your schedules, click “Send” at the top left of the scheduling assistant page (right underneath “File” area and above the attendees listed) and it will invite your attendees as well as book the conference room.
  1. Open Outlook
  2. Select Your Calendar Function
  3. At the top, select “Open Calendar”
  4. Choose “Open Shared Calendar” from the scroll down list
  5. Type in the name of the conference room
  6. Click on “OK”
  7. It will open the calendar next to your calendar and you can view the entries in the conference rooms.
    To turn off this calendar appearing in your calendar function, just unclick the box on the left and it will disappear, but you can activate it anytime you’d like by checking the box.
  • FA – SCE – Conference Room Blue
  • FA – SCE – Conference Room Cornflower
  • FA – SCE – Conference Room Magenta
  • FA – SCE – Conference Room Maroon
  • FA – SCE – Conference Room Mulberry
  • FA – SCE – Conference Room Orange
  • FA – SCE – Conference Room Red
  • FA – SCE – Conference Room Scarlet
  • FA – SCE – Conference Room Sunset
  • FA – SCE – Conference Room Turquoise
  • FA – SCE – Cape Fear River Conference Room #04
  • FA – SCE – Eno River Conference Room #46
  • FA – SCE – Haw River Conference Room #06
  • FA – SCE – Tar River Conference Room #08