The P-Card Reconciliation service streamlines the process of validating the use of funds and reviewing and verifying receipts and invoices in the P-Card system.

Submitting your Request

  1. Create Service Request
  2. Attach all invoices
  3. Enter the total number of invoices and number of pages before submitting

Adding Additional Documents or Information to an Existing Request

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your Onyen and password
  3. Click on My Submitted Requests
  4. Locate the request which you want to update
  5. Click on the Request Number to the left of the request
  6. Enter your update (Worklog and/or Upload Attachment) and click Finish
(Download a Printable Version)

Department Responsibility

  • Approval (confirming receipt of good and services) on receipts/invoices
  • Identify chart field string
  • Provide departmental sub-system reference
  • Submit service request via SMS and attach scanned copies of approved receipts/ invoice OR submit service request via SMS and courier hard copies of the receipts/invoices

SCE Responsibility

  • Review and verify receipt of approved receipts/invoices and chart field information
  • Enter data in P-Card system (subsystem of ConnectCarolina)
  • Validate and update chart field string for appropriate use of funds
  • Reconcile and close

Central Office Responsibility

  • Perform random audits
Request Service

General Requirements

  1. Scanned, merchant receipts or invoices
  2. Applicable chartfield string (Dept, Fund/Source, Project #, etc.)
  3. Facilities Services: Provide AIM subsystem reference
  4. Total number of receipts to be attached
  5. Total number of pages to be attached

Initial Service Level Expectations

  • All P-Card transactions with timely and complete receipt and statement submittals will be reconciled by the 20th of each month.
  • Transactions with missing or inaccurate information will post to the default chartfield account.
  • Transactions that need to be reclassed from the default chartfield account will be correct by the deadline for submitting journal entries for the month.

General Questions