SCE Service Response Team

The SCE Service Response Team offers the Division of Finance and Operations a new approach to problem escalation and response with a single phone number for services when you don’t know who else to call!

The Service Response Team will:

  • Perform as primary interface for customer escalations
  • Prioritize and facilitate escalations within the SCE
  • Ensure customer is heard throughout process
  • Set reasonable service expectations
  • Resolve through effective communication
  • Analyze and monitor customer problem reports to spot trends
  • Provide regular status updates for all escalated Service Requests
Service Area Service Name Email Phone
Communications Website development/updates Gary Wilhelm 919-962-5160
Communications/marketing Allison Reid 919-962-6288
Continuous Improvement & Staff Development All Joanne Filley 919-962-6458
Finance Travel/other finance transactions Norma Newton 919-962-4049
Purchase Request Troy Morse 919-962-4165
Reporting/budgeting Sam Veraldi 919-962-6915
Customer Billing/invoice payment Chelsea Whidbee 919-962-9065
Customer Billing/invoice payment Toni Horton 919-962-2412
Financial and Business Systems Access Bea Muganda 919-843-1631
Human Resources All Tracy Agnew 919-962-9060
Information Technology All Marcus Wooton 919-445-1009