In 2017, Finance and Operations’ IT department installed Office 2016 on all division computers in preparation for Office 365. The next step, which is being rolled out on a department-by-department basis, is to move individuals’ personal business files to Office 365’s OneDrive for Business file storage app. Below are the steps required to enable this process to occur.

  • Finance and Operations departments will be moved to OneDrive gradually. Your manager will be notified when it is time for your department to move.
  • To get ready for the move, all Finance and Operations employees are invited to attend OneDrive training. Register for an upcoming OneDrive class.
  • We recommend that all employees attend the in-person OneDrive training, but for those who are not able to attend, we have created a recording of the class.


Strategies for Organizing Files

  • Move files that need to be accessed by your coworkers to your department shared drive.
  • Delete or archive old or duplicate versions of files.
  • Put your files into folders to make them easier to manage.
  • Give your files short but descriptive names.

Sensitive Information

Put sensitive information into a dedicated SI folder:

  • Will simplify any required audits.
  • Will help you remember to not send it to anyone outside of the organization.
  • Sensitive Information quick reference

Delete and Archive

Delete all the files you don’t need; archive the ones you don’t use but might need some day.


You are expected to move all of your personal business files to OneDrive within one week of your OneDrive training.

For help moving your files to OneDrive:

Need one-on-one support? Submit a support request