Why are messages missing from my Outlook inbox?
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Q: Why are messages missing from my Outlook inbox?*
A: A new* default Outlook feature called Focused Inbox sorts your inbox messages into Focused (from individuals or frequent contacts) and Other (newsletters, mass distribution). To access the missing messages, go to the Other tab. You can also turn the feature off if you prefer.

Navigating the Focused Inbox

  1. Outlook tells you if you have new messages on the Other tab
  2. Click Other to see the rest of your messages

Turn off the Focused Inbox

  1. In Outlook 365 (web), click Filter to open the Filter menu**
  2. Select Show Focused Inbox to turn the feature off and on

* Note that this feature is rolling out gradually. It may not be active yet in your Outlook.
** This process is slightly different for non-web versions of Outlook. Instructions for all platforms.

Where should I save my files?
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Q: Where should I save my files?
A: Keep storing your files in the same places you have been.

  • Do NOT save files on your computer. Your computer is not backed up – important files should all be on a network drive.
  • Network drives could be shared team folders or your UNC user folder. Drive letters may vary.
  • Teams that currently use SharePoint should keep using it.
  • Though the UNC OneDrive space is available, do NOT use it at this point. Wait for official recommendations.
Can I change Office 365's colors?
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Q: Can I change Office 365’s colors?
A: Yes. Office 365 has 50 colorful themes to choose from. To change the theme:

  1. Open any Office 365 app.
  2. Click the Settings “gear” button.
  3. Click Theme.
  4. Click the sample icons to preview the themes.
  5. Remember to Save when done.
When are we supposed to move everything to Office 365 and start using all of the apps?
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Q: When are we supposed to move everything to Office 365 and start using all of the apps?
A: The conversion to Office 365 on the Web will be gradual.

  • For now, users should continue using network folders to store files.
  • Over time, each team will choose which apps to use and where to store files based on the needs of the team.

Office 365 Quick Facts

What is it?

Office 365 is a cloud-based, off-site email, calendaring, storage, and collaboration suite from Microsoft. UNC currently uses an on-site Microsoft Exchange system for your email and calendar. Office 365 joins your email, calendar, file storage and Office applications together into one easy-to-access solution. And, it will look & feel just like what you’re used to now with Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.!

Why is it better?

  • More email storage (Outlook) and file storage (OneDrive)
  • Better collaboration options (browser-based editing & sharing)
  • Stronger physical and digital security for your information
  • 24/7/365 accessibility from anywhere with network connectivity
  • Complements the technology environment at UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Office applications are automatically updated from the cloud

Quick Facts

Features Office 365 Current UNC Environment
Email Storage 50 GB plus unlimited archive storage space 2 GB
File Storage 1 TB of OneDrive file storage (for personal or work use, and more secure than Dropbox) None
File Sharing Yes, with those internal to UNC No
File Collaboration With Microsoft Online Apps using SharePoint and/or OneDrive None
Licenses for Office installations 5 on desktop computers (including personal devices)
5 on mobile devices (tablets and smart phones)
1 per work machine (no personal devices)
Automatic Updates for Office Yes, all Office applications updated from the cloud No

Updating Mobile Devices for Office 365

Smart phone, tablet, and Mac users need to change their email address and user name to connect to UNC email.

The old format to log in was <your Onyen>.
The new format is <your Onyen>

For more information, go to

Additional Resources

ITS Office 365 Initiative