From parking to dining, facilities to lab safety, payroll to police – and much more – Finance and Operations’ IT Team provides technology management and support to the business side of UNC-Chapel Hill. The team supports 45 units, over 2,000 F&O employees, and hundreds of unique business applications and specialty devices across the university.

We focus on delivering superior technology support to improve business processes, reduce costs, and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Service Offerings Overview

Below is a listing of services offered through the service center.

Finance and Operations IT provides Business-specific application support to our customers including:

  • Initial planning and consultation with business units and vendors;
  • initial configuration, testing, and installation;
  • user account access and setup;
  • backend server support;
  • response to production errors or emergencies.

We provide support to various business devices across campus including: Point of Sale, vending, door access, parking access, digital signage, and TIM clocks.
Services and support offered include:

  • Installation, relocation and removal of equipment;
  • incident support;
  • evaluation, repair and replacement;
  • configuration, administration, and user training;
  • systems maintenance for chargeback, cost-recovery, or expense tracking.

We provide Remote and on-site Desktop support for help requests that have been escalated from Campus ITS.
Services include:

  • System configuration,
  • troubleshooting,
  • problem resolution,
  • patching,
  • security remediation,
  • and training.

From Office 365 groups and teams to Sharepoint access to financial reporting access, Finance and Operations IT supports all F&O business unit account access needs including:

  • Establishing new accounts;
  • maintaining security groups;
  • providing access and maintaining permissions;
  • account termination.

Finance and Operations IT manages all F&O workstation and business hardware purchasing and management needs.

Our services include:

  • Pre-purchase consulting services;
  • centralized procurement of standard workstation devices;
  • receiving and asset management;
  • coordination of F&O refresh program;
  • secure disposal of assets.

Finance and Operations IT provides information security vulnerability assessment, compliance tracking, and remediation to our customers ensuring that all your devices are up to date and secure.

Services include:

  • Workstation and data security management;
  • policy and procedure definition;
  • threat identification and remediation;
  • monitoring and ensuring compliance;
  • security awareness training to prevent risks.

We provide support and consultation on a variety of projects throughout F&O. Including:

  • Pre-project consultation;
  • requirements definition and planning;
  • project execution;
  • performance monitoring and cost control;
  • project review and close-out;

We set up and maintain F&O approved Mobile Communication Devices.

Services offered are:

  • Pre-purchase consulting,
  • development of common configuration,
  • equipment deployment,
  • incident and life-cycle support,
  • secure disposal of assets.

We offer backend F&O application integration with the F&O website as well as project management in web tool development and integration with F&O data sources and applications.

Finance and Operations IT maintains all F&O printers with services including:

  • Configuration and management of file server-based queues and printer driver definitions;
  • response to requests for support;
  • coordination with vendors for multi-function printer device support;
  • assisting system owners to support specialty printers, plotters, and scanners.

Finance and Operations IT develops, schedules, and delivers training on the following topics:

  • security awareness
  • network and resources orientation
  • Microsoft productivity tools
  • specific business unit applications