We offer the Division of Finance and Operations services in the areas of finance, human resources, information technology and communications. The goal of our Service Center of Excellence is to create and develop in each service delivery area a team of highly skilled professionals who are extremely knowledgeable about our departments as well as their area of expertise, and who will work as a team to deliver exceptional services that add significant value to our operations.


To serve as the efficient, reliable single business support center for the Division of Finance and Operations — providing business solutions and strategic guidance — to enable Carolina to move at the speed of innovation.


We are the cross-functional support team working behind the scenes to empower the Division of Finance and Operations’ support of Carolina’s mission, while cultivating our staff to be the future business leaders of Carolina.

Guiding Principles

Service excellence means delivering quality services that add significant value. Beyond what is delivered, service excellence includes how we think and act. It goes beyond just answering a question and includes:

  • Identifying and solving the underlying problem
  • Providing prompt and courteous responses
  • Communicating clearly and consistently
  • Acting with integrity
  • Disseminating quality information
  • Providing exceptional training and support
  • Following through on promises
  • Focusing on providing superior customer service and building partnership, trust and collaboration with each and every interaction.
Innovation and continuous improvement means thinking outside the box and bringing new ideas to life. We must continually challenge ourselves to question current assumptions and look for new ways to add value and enable the success of University faculty, students and staff through effective, efficient, intelligent and innovative operations.
Carolina is fortunate to be comprised of individuals with exceptional talent. Together there is nothing we cannot achieve. We will work in collaboration and partnership with colleagues throughout our campus and the local community to embrace and achieve our individual and collective goals. We will do so with kindness, respect, appreciation and integrity.

To support a healthy, high-performing culture, we will:

  • Attract, develop and retain exceptional employees by creating a positive, psychologically safe work environment in which people from all backgrounds, perspectives and experiences contribute, are valued and enjoy working
  • Invest in training and development
  • Provide an egalitarian culture in which formal status distinctions are downplayed
  • Recognize and value contributions
  • Delegate decision making responsibility to enable skilled employees to use their abilities to make real decisions
  • Celebrate successes
  • Learn from failures
  • Share a commitment to each other as well as to the institution.
We will act with integrity to properly steward the University’s resources and adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. We take this responsibility extremely seriously and are committed to exceptional management and leadership.