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As part of Finance and Operations Information Technology (F&O IT) team’s focus on delivering superior technology support to improve business processes, reduce costs, and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, we will use this page to post periodic IT security updates and tips. We will continue to bring Finance and Operations users the most up to date guides and resources to help you use your technology efficiently and to its fullest potential.

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Important Notifications

Food Truck Commerce in a Time of COVID-19

April 29, 2021

Working behind the scenes after the pandemic hit, the Finance and Operations IT team quickly adopted touchless technologies to keep students, staff and faculty safe.

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Changes Coming to Zoom

September 3, 2020

Beginning Sept. 27, Zoom will enforce the application of either the waiting room or a passcode to all Zoom meetings, including those already scheduled. By default, the waiting room will be applied to all meetings; however, users can adjust these settings before, on, and after Sept. 27. You and those…

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Typing on Keyboard Mandatory Security Awareness Training

December 9, 2019

The frequency, creativity and severity of cyber-attacks we are seeing on our networks continues to increase. It is very important for Finance and Operations staff to understand the most common computer safety threats we encounter. UNC-Chapel Hill students and employees are now required to complete an annual Information Security Awareness Training. The…

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