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Storage Procedures

For appointments call the Property Office at 919-966-3296 or email Theo Sullivan. We must have at least three days advance notice to put you on the schedule. Schedule days to go to the warehouses are Tuesday and Thursday between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Confirmation of the appointment will be emailed to you; if you did not receive a confirmation, please call the office. Because we are a small office, the more notice you give, the more likely we can accommodate your timeframe.

It is the department’s responsibility to physically move any items. The UNC Movers can be scheduled to handle materials, but only in conjunction with the Property Office to arrange access. If the UNC Movers are used, a department representative is required to also be on site. Storage site will not be opened to movers unless department representative is there.

Boxes not meeting these criteria are subject to refusal:

  • All records (not including printed materials in their original boxes) must be in banker’s boxes.
  • Boxes must be clearly marked (preferably with labels) with department name, contact name, phone number, and any references used for departmental identification.
  • *Boxes must be marked with the date sent to storage AND a destroy date.

For long term storage of records it is recommend that the boxes have a minimum stacking strength of 550 lbs. Over time some of the boxes have collapsed and caused stacks to fall.

The UNC Records Management Program will be able to help you in establishing a records retention and disposition schedule for your organizational unit. Please contact the University Records Manager at 919-962-6402 with any questions regarding this program.

Property Office Storage Request Form