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In our final message for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we look at putting cybersecurity first. 

In Finance and Operations, we have chosen to make cybersecurity a priority. Here are some tools to help you help us keep the University secure. 

Things ITS and Finance and Operations IT are already doing to keep you secure: 

  • BitLocker protects your laptops and (soon) desktop computers. 
  • Two-factor authentication is required whenever you use your Onyen login for the first time. 
  • 250,000 suspicious emails are blocked each day. 
  • The firewall protects the University network from many external threats. 
  • University network traffic is protected from off campus via the VPN system. 
  • IT provides a 24/7 help desk for questions: 919-962-HELP. 

Here are a few things you can do to help us protect you: 

  • Keep your computer patched and up to date by doing a shut down and restart every week. 
  • Report suspicious emails via the “Report Message” button in Outlook. 
  • When in doubt, call your IT support with questions about computers and computer needs. 
  • Know which information you work with is considered sensitive under University policy. 
  • Complete your Security Awareness Training every year. 
  • Complete your Finance and Operations IT Sensitive Information Survey. (When completed, IT enables “Windows Hello” on your computer.) 
  • Ask your IT support questions, no question is too small or too silly. Just ask. 
  • For nonbusiness emails, please use a non-University email account.  

Additional information about some of these resources is available through the links below:

Please let F&O IT know if you would like more information about these or other cybersecurity topics. We would also be happy to work these topics into future trainings and updates. For questions or suggestions, contact your local IT support or your Finance and Operations IT Security Liaison Dan L. Barker at 

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