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Jonathan Pruitt, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations

As the semester begins I am often asked how I feel about all the students returning . . . about the crowded sidewalks and the increased traffic. But if you are like me, it’s an easy answer: I find the launch of the fall semester to be my favorite time of the year. The students are, after all, why we are here. And while the quietude of the summer campus is gone, the buzz and life and inspiration the students bring is back, and I hope you all find it reinvigorating.

This is the time of year we are also often asked another question: how did you spend your summer? I wanted to share the results of one of our summer projects that should be of interest to our entire Division. My leadership team and I spent some time over the last couple of months refining the strategic vision and priorities of our Division. This kind of work is tough but necessary so that we can make sure all our work is aligned in support of common goals.

What is the UNC Division of Finance and Operations VISION? Quite simply, it is to lead the stewardship of University resources to contribute to student and taxpayer affordability and the University’s long-term sustainability in support of the strategic plan.

Additionally, we identified three Division Priorities in support of the Vision Statement:

  1. Generate operational achievement and success.
  2. Enhance campus risk management.
  3. Improve financial performance and success.

Now the hard work begins. Each of the associate vice chancellors is tasked with identifying three to five goals in support of each priority, along with benchmarks for how we can measure success moving forward. In future editions of “On the Go,” we will spend some time defining each of the priorities, along with their supporting goals. We want each F&O staff member to clearly understand our goals, priorities and vision, and to feel like your work is directly supporting these ambitions.

Another reason to be excited about the fall semester is football season! Mack is back, new turf is down, and some of our benches have been transformed to more comfortable blue seats. What’s really worth noting is how many Finance and Operations staff are key to making sure Carolina game day goes off without a hitch. From campus safety, to traffic management, to recycling, many of us play a role in the background to ensure a safe and fun experience for everyone. In this issue of “On the Go” we celebrate our F&O game day heroes.

Whether it’s prepping for football season, spiffing up campus for students or processing student loan payments, I know for many of us in Finance and Operations, the answer to how you spent your summer is “getting campus ready for the students to come back.” Your work is so important and does not go unnoticed by our campus community. I hope you enjoy this issue of our Division “On the Go” newsletter and learn a little bit about what your colleagues do to support Carolina.

With sincere thanks for all you do,

Jonathan Pruitt
Vice Chancellor
UNC Finance and Operations

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