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Employee looking at a postcard at Employee Appreciation DayYour account is a valuable resource and a desirable commodity for thieves. Your ONYEN is the key to that account.

Every day we are forced to log in to computers and web services using our ONYEN – sometimes multiple times just to do our job. It seems hard to imagine that someone would want access to those resources, but there are companies (scammers) who are working hard to turn your ONYEN and account into money for them.

A credential gives you access to many services beyond just work-related resources and websites, including discounts on arts and entertainment offerings, athletic events, health and wellness services, electronics and wireless services, and food and restaurants. You may also access discounts through aggregators like SheerID. Free-wifi iis available in many cities across the US, Europe and Asia via Eduroam with your ONYEN log in. And free learning opportunities via LinkedIn Learning (formerly can also be obtained with a account.

A credential also gives you access to some of the best e-resources and journals in the world. For researchers in other countries, that is worth hundreds of dollars a month. Library access also enables discounts and access to streaming music and videos from around the world.

Choosing a strong ONYEN password once a year and keeping it safe from prying eyes is the best way to protect all of the valuable resources available to you with a account.

For more information visit or contact F&O IT Security and we’ll be happy to discuss your exposures and options with you.

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