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All staff, faculty and students at UNC-Chapel Hill now have access to OneDrive for business, so get rid of your USB thumb drives and start sharing files the safe and easy way.

Using OneDrive is strongly encouraged for moving and sharing files between your work locations and for sharing with small groups and OneDrive meets all University guidelines for sharing sensitive information.


  • assures that all people have the current version of a file
  • allows co-editing so multiple users can edit an Office file at once.
  • allows for file rights to be revoked from people who leave a team or who leave employment.
  • Scans for viruses on upload and at change
  • Encrypts files while they are stored and while they are moving from computer to computer
  • Includes multiple backups and file verisoning

USB Drives are:

  • easily lost or forgotten
  • can move viruses from computer to computer without the user noticing
  • can fail without warning, losing their contents
  • should never be used to store Sensitive Information unless they meet the University’s encryption standards

For more information, contact F&O IT Security and we’ll be happy to discuss your exposures and options with you.

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