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The 2019 SCE Scavenger Hunt was a rousing success. Five teams competed for the honor of Most Knowledgeable About Their Workplace.

The Infoportes were crowned champions of this year’s event by judges Stephanie Berrier, Joanne Filley, Donald Hamm, Michele Bowen and Christine Shia. Congratulations to Sydney Jenkins, Devin Williamson and Stephen Scharver on their victory. Enjoy Scavenger Hunt photos from all five teams.

Thanks to the Sunshine Committee for organizing such a great event and thanks to Marcus Wooton in particular for all of his hard work in coordinating various SCE Clubs and Committees submissions into a fun and cohesive scavenger hunt list.

Test your knowledge and see how quickly you can find the 30 items on the Scavenger Hunt List:

  1. A picture with Tar Heel bike
  2. A picture with SCE Leaf
  3. A picture with a Gold Star Note
  4. A picture with a person holding their Rock Star Token
  5. A picture with an All Star award???
  6. A picture filling a reusable container in the healthy water fountain
  7. A picture of someone recycling correctly
  8. A picture with the AED device
  9. A picture with an evacuation map
  10. A picture at an exit door (not the front door or back door)
  11. A picture with Safe Zone or Mental Health/First Aid nameplate
  12. A picture on the Libba Cotton trail
  13. A picture with an employee bike rack
  14. A picture with a magnolia tree (-10 for people climbing on the tree)
  15. A picture in the SCE garden
  16. A picture eating some fruit
  17. A picture using an SCE MFD
  18. A picture with a blood pressure cuff
  19. A picture with the reusable Keurig cup
  20. A picture with the 5 Guiding Principals
  21. A picture with an SCE May Birthday baby
  22. A picture wearing Mardi Gras beads
  23. A picture with a Sunshine Committee prize
  24. A picture with the Old Well
  25. A picture with a book library
  26. A picture using a standing desk
  27. A picture with Three Zeros logo
  28. A picture in a blue colored conference room (picture with the sign is acceptable)
  29. A picture with a gardening tool
  30. A picture that includes a UNC AND DUKE logo
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