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Home computer network with laptop, router, tablet and mobile deviceConduct online banking and shopping confidently and safely at home by following these six easy home network security tips:

  1. For Windows Users, enable Windows Firewall and Windows Defender on your machine. For Mac users, enable the application firewall and install an antivirus program. Windows Defender will be renamed Microsoft Defender and will soon be available to Mac users.
  2. Make sure your home router software is up-to-date and has updates issued in the last year. If the router is over 5-years old, replace it. It will be faster and safer. Most internet providers will provide updates or replacements for their out of date routers.
  3. Use a WPA2 (not WPS) password for your home Wi-Fi network.
  4. Keep your home computer patched and up to date. Windows and MacOS both provide regular updates that are very effective as long as you keep things patched.
  5. Keep a copy of your important files backed up off-site. Cloud services like OneDrive, iCloud or Google Drive provide limited amounts of free storage and more storage with paid options. UNC employees have 1Tb of storage space on their OneDrive for work and personal storage.
  6. Use an ad blocker and privacy extensions in your web browser(s).
    1. F&O IT suggests one or more of the following applications and extensions:

These tips will help keep your identity, personal information and wireless access safe when using your computer and home network. For more information on home network security contact F&O IT Security and we’ll be happy to discuss your exposures and options with you.

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