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Does your morning workflow get frequently interrupted with pop-up messages telling you to restart your computer for an update? Are you worried you might not be getting the most current updates to your machine and missing important security patches or performance upgrades?

Worry no more, many updates can be installed overnight on your computer. Just leave it on and locked, with no files open (reboot and go if you’re not sure). Usually, updates are sent to UNC computers on the third Tuesday of each month (Home computers receive patches on the second Tuesday of the month). Leaving your computer on overnight on that third Tuesday or within a week of then, should get your patches without interruption of your work. Set a calendar reminder for yourself in Outlook and never miss another update!

The rest of the month, leaving your computer on overnight is unnecessary. UNC and F&O have thousands of computers; turning computers off, when possible, reduces energy use, saves money, and is kind to the environment.

For more information on critical updates and other digital security topics visit or contact F&O IT Security via e-mail ( or phone (919-962-4335).

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