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By Nov. 29, a new security process called 2-Step Verification will be required to access Office 365, which includes email, calendar and OneDrive, among many other applications. Note: This new process is different from the Duo 2-Step Verification required to log into ConnectCarolina, VPN, etc.

Please follow the instructions below to complete enrollment. We strongly encourage you to take time as soon as possible to go through the 2-Step enrollment process. While 2-Step for Office 365 is easy to use once you’ve configured it, the initial enrollment does involve multiple steps and should be scheduled when you have time to focus and complete the process.

You can reference all of the 2-Step for Office 365 documentation, including step-by-step photo instructions, by visiting the ITS website.

The ITS Service Desk is also available to help with enrollment or by phone at (919) 962-HELP.

Please don‘t wait until the Nov. 29 deadline! Setting this up in advance ensures that you can work smoothly without interruption at an inconvenient time. While this may seem like an inconvenience at first, this new process is key in helping our campus ward off the increasing number of phishing scams that we are experiencing.

Walk-In 2-Step for Office 365 Help Clinics
Date Time Building Room
Oct. 2 9 a.m. – noon AOB – Finance Conference Room 3114 (3rd Floor)
Oct. 4 9 a.m. – noon Giles Horney Building Persimmon Room 129
Oct. 9 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. AOB – Finance Conference Room 3114 (3rd Floor)
Oct. 11 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. Giles Horney Building Persimmon Room 129
Oct. 16 9 a.m. – noon EHS Building Large Conference Room
Oct. 17 Noon – 3 p.m. Public Safety Building Staff Development Room
Oct. 18 9 a.m. – noon Cheek-Clark Building Computer Lab 1104
Oct. 24 9 a.m. – noon Energy Services-925 Branch St. ENS – C-Green
Oct. 25 9 a.m. – noon Grounds Building, 105 Daniels Rd. Training Room
Nov. 1 9 a.m. – noon Lenoir Hall Auxiliary Services Conference Room

How to Enroll in 2-Step for Office 365

The easiest way to use 2-Step is by downloading “Microsoft Authenticator” from your phone’s app store. 2-Step for Office 365 does work without it, but most users find that this is the easiest method. Once you have the app downloaded (or decide not to use it), follow these steps:

  1. Visit and click on “2-Step for Office 365.”
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to turn on 2-Step.
  3. Visit to finish the enrollment. This is the step during which you will set up one or more devices with 2-Step.

A Few Very Important Notes

  • We strongly suggest enrolling multiple alternate devices or phone numbers, such as your desk phone number, home phone number, in case your mobile phone is lost or you leave it at home.
  • The first time you log in to Office 365, you should notice a checkbox that says “Keep me signed in.” This will allow you to go longer between 2-Step requests while using the same device. It adds a convenience factor for trusted devices, like a primary work laptop or desktop.
  • Do not accept/approve any 2-Step push notifications that you yourself did not request. If you receive a request on your phone and haven’t just made a request within the last few seconds, it is possible the request is fraudulent. While not common, this is how phishers will attempt to bypass 2-Step to access accounts – they assume people will accept any request.


The ITS Service Desk is here to help. They are available to chat at or by phone at 919-962-HELP. You can also reference all of the 2-Step for Office 365 documentation, including step-by-step photo instructions, by visiting the ITS website.

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