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With Office 365 Two-Step Verification now required of all UNC users, F&O IT Security would like to encourage you to implement a multi-factor authentication option (MFA) on some of your other frequently visited websites.

Adding a MFA option to sites that require a user name and password helps verify your identity to the site’s host and protects you, your identity, and your money. MFA protects you even if the websites fail. Without a second verification option beyond your usual log-in information, your identity and your money are susceptible to hackers and phishers.

The website allows you to search for frequently used sites like Facebook, Twitter, (NC) State Employees’ Credit Union, and Bank of America and enable MFA on your accounts at those sites. Enabling MFA prior to doing your online holiday shopping gives you an extra level of protection and helps reduce the stress and worry that often accompanies conducting business over the internet. The Electronic Frontier Foundation provides a helpful guide for enabling MFA for your online accounts.

For more information on multi-factor authentication and other digital security options contact F&O IT Security via e-mail ( or phone (919-962-4335).

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