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Justin Case, Cortney Alston, Alex Hoppe, Kyle Mullaney, Collette Brown, Joanne Filley, Amanda Drury, and Michele Bowen

The Continuous Improvement and Staff Development (CISD) team at the Service Center of Excellence serves a dual role for the University, providing financial systems training to all faculty and staff, and compliance, safety, job skills training and staff development programs to Finance and Administration staff.

This dual role means that in any given month they are conducting 20 or more training sessions throughout the University on topics as far ranging as financial reporting with InfoPorte, purchase requisitions and receiving, ladder safety, CPR and electrical code and leadership training. To offer such an expansive list of training programs, the CISD staff is equally diverse, knowledgeable and skilled in a variety of subjects, with a mental agility that enables them to understand and then translate information into an effective educational program for UNC employees.

Meet the Team

Michele Bowen, Training Specialist, provides safety training and professional development opportunities for Facilities Services. She has graduate degrees in U.S. history and public health. Her versatility extends to her avocation: She has published six novels and is working on her seventh!

Alex Hoppe, Training Generalist, works on a variety of training projects and initiatives across all topics areas. Alex has a degree in science education and physics, but in his time away from work he teaches how to write code — to himself!

Kyle Mullaney is also a Training Generalist and works on a variety of training projects and initiatives across all topics areas. His studies in intercultural communication enable him to understand social attributes, thought patterns, and the cultures of different groups of people. That does not necessarily enable him to understand why anyone would root for Duke.

Amanda Drury, Finance Training Specialist, specializes in finance-related topics including ConnectCarolina, web travel, fraud and misuse of funds, Excel and other things complex. Like all fellow CISD employees, she shows her intellectual versatility: She has a degree in arts management and plays the piano in her spare time.

Cortney Alston, also a Finance Training Specialist, designs and presents classroom trainings and job aids covering a variety of topics in finance and professional development. Cortney’s degree is in counseling, which serves her well in understanding the role of emotion in how people learn. In her spare time, she taught herself how to crochet and now sells her products online.

Joanne Filley is the Senior Training and Documentation Analyst, responsible for creating and editing training documentation, evaluating and creating metrics for existing training initiatives and providing project management for large-scale projects. With degrees in fine arts and business administration she is devoted to the fine art of making things work together. In her off hours, she is devoted to her son and her garden!

Justin Case is the CISD Training Manager, overseeing the day-to-day activities. His range of education and experience serves him well in working with a staff so diverse and talented, and his degrees in psychology, counseling and human resources provide an important coherence to his management role. Part of Justin’s focus on diversity — as well as courage — lies in rooting for the Packers in a Panther state!

As Director of CISD, Collette Brown works closely with business partners within Finance and Administration and across campus to guide the strategic direction of CISD. She also oversees the day-to-day operations and engagement functions of the SCE. She holds degrees in political science, business administration and health care administration. Her space time — if there is any — is to manage the comings and goings of four children.

The CISD team is diverse, talented and committed to making the workplace a more engaged, fulfilling and productive space for all UNC employees. Whether it is a required training, or a training developed specifically for a task or professional development, they are always available to you or your team. For more information, contact Justin Case at

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