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Miguel Jackson, Public Communication Specialist

Miguel “Angelo” (not his real middle name, but perhaps it should be) Jackson, SCE Public Communication Specialist, has created a lot of graphic art in his time, and one could guess his art has been seen by hundreds of people. But his recent work is unlike any art he has ever created and has likely been viewed by more people than any of his previous works. While it isn’t quite as moving as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, it does move. It is the artwork on two SCE electric Nissan Leaf cars.

The “painting” of the Leaf cars was an idea to promote the Three Zeros Environmental Initiative, and Miguel Alexus (his real middle name) was asked to create the artwork. A local vendor provided the template for the Leaf and then Miguel created the artwork for all the portions of the car — even the mud flaps. It took him about seven days to create the artwork and then a local vendor printed his work onto the 17 vinyl panels per car and applied them. “It was quite a challenge to think about creating artwork on fenders and doors, but it was fun,” Miguel said. “And, every time I see someone drive it across campus, I can feel good about getting the message out to everyone to think green.”

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