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In the near future, UNC-Chapel Hill will begin the phased implementation of a university initiative to provide new productivity tools and new ways of sharing data — Office 365. This university-wide transition will affect every division on campus, resulting in change from current versions of Microsoft Office to Office 365. At its core, Office 365 is the same suite of Office products and services you already recognize.

The shift to Office 365 is planned for March through June, with each division assigned a specific window of time. The Division of Finance and Administration is scheduled to move to Office 365 during the last half of March.

Office 365 is a cloud-based, off-premises email, calendaring, storage and collaboration suite from Microsoft. The move to this solution was prompted by demand from campus for file storage and collaborations tools.

We will send out several more communications in the weeks and days leading up to the Finance and Administration migration to Office 365. There will be checklists and guides to help you and our staff through each step of this change, so stay tuned!

For more information about the university’s Office 365 initiative, check out the website at

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