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The Finance and Administration Service Center of Excellence (SCE) began its phased business services rollout Nov. 29. Customers can now submit service requests to each functional area using the new Service Management System (SMS).

The initial service rollout includes Travel Authorization and Reimbursement and Business Financial Systems Access.

During the next few months, the SCE will roll out additional services that can be requested via the SMS. As each business process is implemented, the lead business process owner will contact customers, as needed, to provide training and an overview of the request submission process and to answer questions.

The SCE Finance Page features a list of currently identified SCE finance services.

Customers using the new SMS will receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt of the request and e-mail updates or phone communication as required. Customers will be notified via e-mail when processing of their request is complete.

Management approval and authorization over transactions and deadlines for submitting and processing transactions will not change with the new SMS. Travel transactions initiated prior to and during the transition to the new SMS will continue to be processed by departmental staff.

The SCE Finance travel team will train users on the request submission process as needed. Interested staff may contact Norma Newton to schedule.

“We are excited to partner with you as we roll out our new processes using the SMS,” said Carly Perin, Executive Director, Finance Service Center of Excellence. Customers can contact Perin via e-mailĀ  ( or phone (919-843-7737) with any questions or feedback.

Delivering excellent customer service to customers is the SCE’s first priority. During the next six months, SCE’s staff will collect service response data and establish benchmarks to help us set appropriate service goals for each process implemented.

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