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What will staff need to anticipate as “down time” during the move? What is actually considered “down time?”

  • Down time is time that a staff member will not have all resources they typically use to assist customers.
  • The move will occur Friday, Nov. 4, and we anticipate everyone being up and running on Monday morning, Nov. 7.
  • Although we expect there will be some down time as staff members pack their belongings, a computer, their phone, etc., on Friday, where possible we will continue working to assist customers.
  • It is also possible there may be some down time experienced by some of us on Monday, as there could be delays related to unpacking, set up, or other move logistics.
  • Please try to plan accordingly to accommodate these potential breaks in productive work time; however, we are hoping and planning to keep disruptions to a minimum.
  • Don’t forget, we will need you on site to assist in unpacking and setting up your workspace! Although you may take leave if approved by your supervisor, you will still need to unpack and setup upon your return.

Will there be work stations available during the moving days to support staff who may be temporarily without computer access but still need to check email, login to Connect Carolina, etc.?

Yes! Although the IT team will be working over the weekend to set up staff computers to minimize technology interruptions, we might still experience some down time during the move. We have reserved two computer labs in AOB for staff on Friday, Nov. 4, and Monday, Nov. 7.

  • AOB 1501D: 12 computers, reserved 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • AOB 3101: 10 computers, reserved 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

All of the computers are connected to the Internet and can access ConnectCarolina. They are also equipped with the Microsoft Office Suite.

How will my computer and phone be moved?

  • Please review the Technology Timeline and Moving Preparation Instructions.
  • We are asking everyone to assist with unplugging their own PCs, monitors, etc. IT will be available to support when necessary.
  • The moving crew will put everything in special containers that minimize the possibility of breakage or damage.
  • The IT team will be working over the weekend to set up everyone’s machine to minimize technology interruptions. Even so, you should expect some delays as we adjust to the new location.

Will I be able to bring personal items to the new workspace? Will we be able to personalize our new team space at all?

  • You will be given one box for your personal items to be moved to the new workspace. If you have more personal items than fit in that one box, you will need to take them home. (And, if you discover you have more room at the new workspace than you anticipated, you can always bring items back in from home!)
  • If you choose, you may pack your personal items and allow the movers to move them for you.
  • We advise temporarily taking home any fragile personal items and then bringing them to the new location as a protective measure.
  • We encourage you to work with your officemates to decorate your space and make it your own! You may want to wait to bring in any wall hangings or other items until after you move to see how much wall and floor space are available.

What appliances will be at the Roberson location?

Three microwaves, two refrigerators and three coffee makers (K-cup style; bring your own coffee!).

Are all the SCE staff moving at one time, or are we splitting the move among departments?

All SCE staff members are moving in to our new space on Nov. 7! There was originally discussion about moving different groups at different times, but we decided moving more than one time would have been more expensive and more complicated.

About my workstation:

How many file drawers will I have?


Do I have any lockable space?

Yes, the coat cabinet will lock.

Can I bring…?

Individual scanner? Space heater? Mini Fridge? Coffee Maker?

No, there will not be room for these items in the new location. Also, except in very special cases, each workspace has only one network connection.

Keyboard tray?

You may find that a keyboard tray is not necessary with the new desks. If you want to take your keyboard tray and see how it works, please let your moving coordinator know, and Alison Kidd will put in a work order with Facilities Services to have it removed in order to be moved with the rest of your office items.

Recycle bins?

Yes, please do bring your recycle bin if you have one. You do not need to bring your trashcan. If you don’t have a recycle bin to bring with you, we will order one for you.


Yes, please do bring your own headphones. If you don’t have headphones and determine that you need them in the new location, we will purchase them for you at that time.

What do I do if you didn’t answer all my questions here? Contact your move coordinator or Alison Kidd at

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