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In a memo sent to Finance and Administration staff July 12, Vice Chancellor Matt Fajack announced the official launch date for the division’s new Service Center of Excellence (SCE) is October 3.

Since the announcement, the SCE implementation team has made progress to meet the Oct. 3 milestone. SCE executive directors are wrapping up their meetings with all SCE staff members to notify them they will move under the new reporting structure. We are also currently meeting with departments to support their transition plans for services that are moving to the SCE as well as those that are remaining at the unit level, and will make sure all directors and employees know how their work will be affected when the SCE is operational.

“People throughout Finance and Administration have been working diligently to lay the groundwork for a successful transition to this new service delivery model,” said Fajack in his July memo. “In terms of both creating a positive work environment for our employees and optimizing the quality of service we offer.”

The structure of the SCE is beginning to take shape. Some of the milestones we have reached over the summer include:

  • We have confirmed our new location.
  • We have meetings scheduled to reach out to all staff members who will be joining the SCE.
  • We have established Tar Heel Teams to help us plan for key launch activities.

As we move toward our Oct. 3 launch date, if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, you can send an email to, or you can click the green “Complete Survey” button on the homepage and submit comments or questions there.

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