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The Service Center of Excellence (SCE) implementation team drafted a working list of services that the SCE will offer the division. This was informed by our information-gathering meetings and the activity assessment surveys. We shared this list with the SCE Advisory Committee in December. There will likely be fine-tuning as the service center planning continues, but this first draft illustrates our current thinking.

Human Resources Activities
Activity Sampling of Duties (Non-exhaustive)
Classification and Compensation Review and edit job descriptions (SPA and EPA); determine classifications; develop and update org charts; enter position update ConnectCarolina transactions.
Salary Administration Administer salary increase processes; assist with preparation of salary adjustment forms; determine salary equity; track expirations of temporary salaries; enter employee and job change transactions in ConnectCarolina.
Recruitment, Onboarding, and Separations Post vacancies; work with search committees; provide guidance on selection processes; develop hiring proposals and ensure approvals in PeopleAdmin; ensure completion of background and reference checks; track recruitment process timelines; complete offer letters; enter ConnectCarolina hiring transactions; ensure completion of I-9 and hiring documents; facilitate onboarding processes; provide employee orientations; monitor separations and exit documents; enter ConnectCarolina employee separation transactions.
Benefits and Leave Administration Review and approve others’ time; run TIM reports; maintain lists of delegated time/leave approvers; maintain current supervisors of record; ensure appropriate leave balances and payouts; assist employees with access to benefits forms; communicate open enrollment information; enter ConnectCarolina employee separation transactions.
Policy and Procedure Administration Interpret and communicate SPA and EPA employee policies; provide guidance and coordination with F&A, OHR, University, and State policies.
Retention and Recognition Develop and communicate employee recognition programs; develop employee engagement activities.
Training, Staff Development, and Compliance Work with F&A Professional Development Committee to identify and maintain development programs; track safety and compliance training; develop diversity and education outreach efforts; develop employee mentoring and externship programs.
Employee and Management Relations Oversee disciplinary and grievance processes; track completion of employee competency assessments and work plans; coordinate with OHR and Office of University Counsel as needed.
Reporting and Data Management Develop comprehensive metrics and key performance indicators.
Finance Activities
Activity Sampling of Duties (Non-exhaustive)
Strategic, Budgeting, Reporting, and Analytics Financial Reporting, budget process support, adhoc analysis and reporting, continuation budget support, rate and fee development, survey data support, budget transactions, metrics, specialized reporting, policy interpretation strategic partner and customer service support
General Accounting Voucher processing, pre-audit approval, central reallocation (cell phone & uniforms contracts), travel authorization and reimbursement, accounts receivable and deposits, correcting journal entries, purchasing card (Pcard) reconciliation, CBM reconciliation, independent contractor processing, vendor addition to ConnectCarolina
Business System Support, Security and Access, and Customer Billing Financial system security, customer billing, CBM Administration, financial system administration, billing journals (automated and manual), exception reporting, business process support, business unit correcting billing entries
Procurement Purchase requisition initiation, support for specialized services (sole source justification, state contract, etc.), material receiving and staging, specialized equipment purchases (IT, vehicle, equipment), emergency purchase support
Warehousing Housekeeping, maintenance, repair, and operating supplies, garage parts, fuel, benchstock support
Capital Improvement and Asset Accounting Budget authority, allotments, funding strategies and alternatives, purchasing and disbursement support, project milestone reporting, cash flow projections, subsystem project financial data, project reporting, project management fee billing, reconciliation, departmental asset and inventory accounting, policy interpretation
Information Technology Activities
Activity Sampling of Duties (Non-exhaustive)
Business-specific Application Support Initial configuration, testing, and installation; user account access and setup; respond to production errors or emergencies; third-party application support.
Business Device Support (Point of Sale, vending, door access, parking access, digital signage, Kronos, etc.) Install/relocate/remove equipment; incident support, evaluate/repair/replace; configuration, administration, and user training; maintain systems for chargeback, cost-recovery, or expense tracking.
Customer Desktop Support (Remote and On-site) Configuration, troubleshooting, patching/remediation, and training.
Purchasing / Life Cycle Management Pre-purchase consulting services; centralized procurement of standard workstation devices; receiving and asset management; coordination of F&A refresh program; secure disposal of assets.
Information Security Vulnerability Assessment, Compliance Tracking, & Remediation Workstation and data security management; policy and procedure definition; threat identification and remediation; monitor and ensure compliance; security awareness training to prevent risks.
Mobile Communication Device Management Pre-purchase consulting, development of common configuration, equipment deployment, incident and life-cycle support, secure disposal of assets.
Account Management Services Establish new accounts; maintain security groups; maintain access permissions; account termination.
Web Tool Development (backend application integration with F&A website) Project management in web tool development and integration with F&A data sources and applications.
Printing Support Configure and manage file server-based queries and printer driver definitions; respond to requests for support; coordinate with vendors for multi-function printer device support; work with system owners to support specialty printers, plotters, scanners, etc.
Communications Activities
Activity Sampling of Duties (Non-exhaustive)
Copywriting / Copyediting Executive communications, internal communications, web announcements / feature stories, newsletters, annual reports
Multimedia / Interactive Media Photography, video, social media and other digital marketing
Website Content Management Website and intranet template design, metrics, content management system oversight and training, quality control, liaison with ITS for web server support
Graphic design Graphic design for digital and print media; creating templates and ensuring design style consistency
Media Relations Writing and distributing news releases, coordinating with Office of Communications, responding to media requests, responding to open records requests, preparing emergency communications
Communications Strategy / Project Management Special project / event support and consultation, brand management, marketing, production and printing sourcing and management.
Event Planning Support & Promotion Supporting event planning, preparing communications for events; promoting events
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