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In September the Service Center of Excellence (SCE) implementation team published a timeline of milestones in the transition process. Over the next two months, new tasks were completed and new milestones were added.

Some of the original milestones that the team scheduled will be pushed from December to January and February 2016 due to scheduling delays during the information gathering phase.

“We discovered that scheduling the nearly two dozen meetings with division staff took several weeks longer than we expected,” says Meredith Weiss, senior associate vice chancellor for finance and administration. “We are currently parsing the information from those meetings, along with the results from the activity assessment surveys, which is also a lengthy process. We are getting great information that we are excited to share with folks, but it will be the new year before we are able to communicate results and discuss next steps.”

A town-hall style meeting originally scheduled for Dec. 7 to share updates will be rescheduled for late January 2016 to reflect the updated schedule. If you have questions about the timeline, email

SCE implementation timeline v2

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