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Members of the SCE Advisory Committee at the first meeting, Sept. 14.

Members of the Service Center of Excellence (SCE) Advisory Committee held their first meeting on Sept. 14. The Committee was organized to help shape priorities and ensure that the SCE implementation is responsive to the needs of both the departments and to the employees in Finance and Administration.

The committee includes staff who volunteered and those who were nominated by their directors or assistant vice chancellors. In addition to the core SCE transition team — Carly Perin, director of finance; Allison Reid, director of marketing and communications; Ray Reitz, director of information technology; Bill Stockard, director of human resources; and Meredith Weiss, senior associate vice chancellor for finance and administration — members of the committee include:

  • Philip Barner, Energy Services
  • Stephanie Berrier, Student Stores
  • Connie Bullock, DPS
  • Karen Cheek, Transportation and Parking
  • Mike Freeman, Auxiliary Services
  • John Gorsuch, Student Stores
  • Tommy Gunter, Auxiliary Services
  • Tricia Hennessey, Continuous Improvement and Business Intelligence
  • Janet Kelly-Scholle, Finance
  • Jeff Kidd, Property Office
  • Mary Beth Koza, EHS
  • Derek Lochbaum, Trademarks and Licensing
  • Jeff McCracken, DPS
  • Scott Myers, Auxiliary Services
  • Abbas Piran, Facilities
  • Ben Poulson, Energy Services
  • Jim Powell, Student Stores
  • Chandrika Rao, Finance
  • Herb Richmond, Facilities
  • Cindy Shea, Sustainability
  • Roger Sit, EHS
  • Cheryl Stout, Transportation and Parking
  • Oscar Wilburn, Transportation and Parking

The Committee will meet monthly for the next year. In the first meeting, attendees voted on the committee’s charge:

“Provide a strong customer voice to guide and support the development of the Division of Finance and Administration’s Service Center of Excellence (SCE) in order to improve division-wide service delivery in the areas of finance, human resources, communications and information technology. Committee members will:

  • Meet monthly.
  • Review project timelines.
  • Provide feedback and advice on proposed project plans.
  • Provide feedback and advice on proposed communications.
  • Disseminate information from the committee to the member’s business unit.
  • Solicit feedback from the member’s business unit and bring questions, suggestions and concerns to the committee.
  • Support the Division’s decision to improve service delivery through the new service center of excellence.
  • Support the SCE directors in creating an exceptional new model for service delivery.
  • Be an advocate for continuous improvement, innovation and organizational changes, and help others see the opportunities in the new model.
  • Identify areas of cross-training opportunities, greater consistency in functions and career progression across the division.”

Weiss thanked the committee members for agreeing to help with the SCE transition, adding that they could help share news of the process to staff in their departments to help allay staff concerns. “The core goals of this process are not only to improve service delivery across the division, but also to benefit employees and their career paths,” Weiss said.

Read meeting minutes.

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