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Core Strategy Statements


“We empower the University to realize its mission and aspirations”
  • Empower: Provide proactive and strategic decision-marking support
  • Realize: Establish a safe and supportive environment for success
  • Mission: Of the public, for the public. Innovation made fundamental
  • Aspirations: To be the leading global public research university


“To become the trusted strategic partner that provides insight and expertise to optimize use of the University’s resources”
  • Metric: Increased integration into decision-support process
  • Metric: Effecive use of University resources to attain strategic objectives


  • Lead disciplined decision-making and processes
  • Collaborate with University stakeholders
  • Engage a diversity of services, staff and perspectives

F&O Priorities

  • Improve governance and accountability
  • Enhance fiscal sustainability
  • Invest in our people’s success