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Three Zeros Environmental Initiative

Launched in fall 2016, the Three Zeros Environmental Initiative is Carolina’s integrated approach to reducing its environmental footprint through three sustainability goals:

  • net zero water usage
  • zero waste to landfills
  • net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Implementing the Three Zeros goals will improve operational efficiency, generate cost savings, and will create a living-learning laboratory for students, faculty and staff to study and advance the most recent developments in sustainability policy and technology. Three Zeros includes everything from individual behaviors to world-changing research and collaborations.

North Carolina Policy Collaboratory

The NC Policy Collaboratory was established in the summer of 2016 by the North Carolina General Assembly for the purposes of facilitating the dissemination of the policy and research expertise of the University of North Carolina for practical use by state and local government.

The Collaboratory facilitates and funds research related to the environmental and economic components of the management of the natural resources within the State of North Carolina and of new technologies for habitat, environmental, and water quality improvement. The Collaboratory develops and disseminates relevant best practices to interested parties, leads and participates in projects across the State related to natural resource management, and makes recommendations to the General Assembly.

Past Initiatives

In 2016 UNC-Chapel Hill partnered with Barnes & Noble College to run UNC Student Stores. Please visit the UNC Student Stores Outsourcing page for more information.